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Putts & Pints Events

An Adult Activity Events Company, Which Provides Transport, Crazy Golf, Music, Prizes & A Evening Meal! A Great Outdoor Team Building Event!

What Are Our Events?

It is an evening of fun for you and your friends or collegues with Crazy golf, music, Evening Meal and a bit of a competition thrown in with prizes to be won! Nothing but good times and good vibes!

Putts & Pints is holding a number of tournaments over the summer – Tickets are £45 per person

This includes:

– Bus Pick Up & Drop Off (Liberation Station)

– 18 Holes Of Crazy Golf, Teams Competition!

– Evening Hot Plated Burger Meal (Meat, Vegetarian, Vegan)

– Evening Team Games & Entertainment 

– Surround Sound Music

– One Drink on arrival 

– Prizes to be Won!

– A Night To Remember

The aim of the game is to have fun, but if you’re feeling competitive (and who doesn’t love winning) there are prizes to be won!

The Tournament is split into the teams that you come along with. Teams require a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 – winning scores are calculated on the average of each team.

You’ll find the tournament rules on display when you arrive, just remember the main aim is to enjoy yourselves.

So ditch the pub, and join Roccos for something a little different, a sunny (we hope!) evening of fun with your friends or family.

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Why Book A Team Building Event?

Team building days are all about encouraging better communication between people to bring them closer together. Communication isn’t always verbal, of course, non-verbal communication can be equally as important.

Bonding is an important part of it. Sometimes team members might not work in the same office – or they may even work in different locations. Giving them the opportunity to bond means they will get to know each other so next time they need to interact for a project, for example, their relationship will have changed.

Growing in confidence is so important for anybody. Working in a team in a non-threatening environment can really help. And if someone turns out to be a pro at crazy golf, their new skill will also help their confidence

Team building days are fun – they’re supposed to be! Being able to take work a little less seriously for a day can show team members that they’re allowed to let their hair down from time to time. And there’s no reason why the sense of fun shouldn’t be allowed back into the office, either.

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